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Upcoming at The Brewery Tap

Below is a sample of all the good things we were gonna do this year but now are not. 

Quizzes ARE happening this year. For 2017 we’re going for the Grand Slam Quiz format. i.e. Mike is way too lazy to knock out a quiz every fortnight so is packaging this particular turd in fancy bows ‘n’ stuff and calling it the Tap Quiz Grand Slam Classic Series. Five fantastic* Quizzes set at key points** through the year with nothing special about winning one except the kudos and being able to put it on your resume***. They all start at 830pm (except the BoomBoom) & cost £1 per player. Maximum of 6 players per team. We only take bookings if you’re gonna eat – we always have a fabbo burger menu on Quiz Nights. 

* not very
** just spaced out fairly evenly
*** please don’t

Below are the dates to put in your diary…….

The Quiz of Lurve – Thursday 16th February 

Brush up on your romantic knowledge – all things slushy, sexy, red, hearty, cupidy and so on will be coming up in this Quiz including the Celebrities in Love picture bit. Won by the UFBs – 79.9 pts!

The Easter Quiz  – Thursday 13th April

Held on Jebus Thursday (the Thursday before Good Friday) which was when the Good Lord Jebus rode his magic donkey towards a temple somewhere hot and found the Magic Beans. Expect more religious reverence and holy trivia accuracy. 

The Scorching Hot Summer Quiz  – Thursday 29th June

Come dressed in your sandals and shorts for this one to celebrate the hottest summer on record. Hosepipes may feature somewhere in the quiz. Or at least a picture of a celebrity in a bikini (or mankini)

The Spoooooooooooky Bonfire Quiz  – Thursday 2nd November

Vampires and other scary stuff more than likely. With more than a passing nod to fires, parliament, Fawkes et al.

THE CHRISTMAS BOOMBOOM QUIZ!!!! Monday 18th December

It’s the big one – this one starts at 8pm, (2000hrs). Involves The Plasticine Round, Christmas jumper prize, reindeer petting and all the things you’ve come to expect from Cliff Road’s Number One Christmas Themed Quiz.


On Sundays we’re not open from midday until 8pm!! We don’t have a roast on anymore – but in case you were interested it used to alternate between beef, pork, chicken & lamb. 

Check out Cult Cafe on Ipswich Waterfront. It’s a place and is run along the same lines as The Tap used to be! It’s fab. Lusho menu, amazing location, live music every Friday (mostly for free!), cool & chilled out on a Saturday night. Pretty blummin’ wicked to go to after a night at The Tap, if it were still open. Check it out here