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Brewery Tap Bonds

Oops – I seem to have not updated this page for about 3 yrs. Tsk. Thanks to everyone who helped us by buying a Bond! It totally helped us out and we’re still here! Except that now we’re not.

The following is what you could’ve won…..

“We’re now over 2 years old and despite all the efforts of the current economy are still in business! However, to get to our current position (i.e. finally standing on our own two feet) without any financial support or investment has meant our cashflow has taken a battering. 

In lieu of any backing from the banks or the government we have no option but to turn to supporters of The Tap to try and raise the necessary funding to see us through these difficult times. 

So; Brewery Tap Bonds. This is a straightforward loan with a couple of benefits to thank you for your support and make it worthwhile. For each £500 Bond you get;

  • a 10% discount.
  • A link through our website to your website and a massive thankyou.
  • If you or your company buy 4 Bonds or more (£2000 or more) you get a lovely little plaque on a beer pump.
  • a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • a fab real ale pub.
  • Do you get your money back? – Yes, this is a loan. From June 2012 we will be buying back one Bond per month (at £500 each) picked at random from the hat. Any links to websites and/or plaques will remain. You can keep your 10% discount for 6 months after your Bond has been bought back.
  • We want to make sure we have enough support and money pledged to make this idea worth pursuing before we accept any money. Therefore we would be grateful if you could email us on to register your interest”

Supporters of The Tap

This is where your name will be listed as a Bond Holder or your website link posted to promote your business.

Lattice Lodge Guest House

Cliff Quay Brewery

Christchurch Ladies Hockey Club

Rika Nauck