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Used to be a pretty fabulous pub. Great locally–brewed beers, cool music, beer gardens with lovely views and amazing food mostly made from scratch on the premises. Check out our Orwell Reserve airdried ham, homemade pasta & icecream amongst other beauties…. We had some wonderful rooms which could be booked out for meetings, parties, dinners or whatever….also, cool chickens, ducks, guineafowl & quail for your avian viewing pleasure….

The Tap’s bar. See the Tap’s menu →

Seriously good food and beer from Ipswich & Suffolk

We were a freehouse — which meant we could buy our beers from whoever we wanted, we always had a good range of locally brewed stuff as well as other English beers from further afield. We’ve got a fab Atom Dark Matter on draught as well as a fine pale ale from Almasty. Sorry, no massive brewery products here at the mo…. 

Bingo Bongo

We’re really big supporters of the Ipswich Star – THE place to go for accurate, locally-sensitive reporting. If you’re an individual, business or organisation and want your drum banged then you couldn’t do better than approach the Star. Except you could. In fact you’d do better having Rolf Harris walk around town with a sandwich board with a picture of your business on,

Opening times;



SORRY BUT WE’RE CLOSED. We will be open for a few more evenings so that our lovely customers can come and say goodbye.